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About Us

DropFire employs the industry's most talented and experienced team with one common goal: Turn information into knowledge by creating intelligent data management solutions!

Our mission

The Big Data phenomenon is exponentially increasing the data complexity and associated labor costs that organizations are facing. Massive amounts of data are coming in from multiple sources with many different formats. Analytics systems rely on this data being transformed into a common "normalized" format. It is DropFire's mission to streamline this process and allow non-programmers to do the majority of the necessary work.

Ignite - Big Data Integration Platform

DropFire is revolutionizing the way disparate data systems fuse and exchange information.

DropFire's Metadata Warehouse, IGNITE, empowers Big Data teams to drive analytics with higher quality data from more data sources. Through a cloud-based studio, users are able to manage, regulate, and update metadata for Hadoop environments By employing artificial intelligence (machine reasoning), IGNITE automates the data transformation process with MapReduce code generation, conflict detection, and data validation.

Semantic and schematic conflicts are reconciled automatically when sufficient mediation functions are available and provides guidance when they are not. Facilitates and manages collaboration amongst data partners. Coordinates the workflow from data analysts and DBAs to developers and data scientists. Get all data stewards and consumers organized and integrated.

Meet Us


With depths of experience in software and data systems, the DropFire team is driving innovation and forging new territory in the information space. Meet the team that makes it all happen.

Scott Cohen

Chief Executive Officer

Executive Team

Scott Cohen founded DropFire in 2001 to create a reliable and cost effective solution for transmitting image-rich data between disparate systems over both wired and wireless networks. In 2005, Scott recognized the rapidly growing demand for a more sophisticated and integrated solution to the complex data transmission market. With this goal in mind, Scott built an experienced, dynamic, and award-winning team to create the industry's most powerful data exchange product suite: DropFire's IGNITE.

Scott's vision, leadership skills, and ability to attract top-flight people have produced several successful businesses throughout his career.

Greg Harman

Chief Technology Officer

Executive Team

Greg Harman is the Chief Technology Officer for DropFire. He orchestrated the design and development of DropFire's signature product line, IGNITE.

Greg's extensive background in information technology is a recognized industry leader in the upper echelons of the industry. A 10 year veteran in software design and architecture, Greg's career has focused on enterprise architecture, application integration, and data mobility. His past work has been utilized by organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to local agencies and has been commercialized for millions of end users.

David Berger

Director of IT & Security Architect

Executive Team

As Director of IT and Security Architect, David Berger is DropFire's networking and security specialist.

His 15-year technology career began at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab where he assisted in the research of the Advanced Human Interface Group. He then joined Prolifics, Inc. (a JYACC company), where his responsibilities included IS integration, GUI prototyping, systems/network administration, RDBMS application development, and software engineering on distributed OLTP products.

Alain Hanover


Managing Director and CEO of Navigator Technology Ventures

Alain Hanover has more than 30 years of experience in venture capital, executive management, software development, and engineering. He has served as CEO for over 15 years at InCert and Viewlogic, as well as being an early stage investor or advisor in over 20 private companies. He also co-founded CommonAngels, Boston's leading Angel Investor group. Alain holds B.S. degrees in electrical engineering and mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); an M.S. in applied math from Harvard University; and an OPM program degree from the Harvard Business School.

Michael D. Siegel

Technical Advisor

Principal Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management

Dr. Siegel co-directs the Aggregation Research Project at the Sloan School of Management and is a co-inventor on several related patents including "Querying Heterogeneous Data Sources over a Network Using Context Interchange" and "Data Extraction from World Wide Web Pages." Dr. Siegel's research interests include the use of information technology in financial risk management and global financial systems, eBusiness and financial services, financial account aggregation, heterogeneous database systems, managing data semantics, query optimization, intelligent database systems, and learning in database systems. His work in benchmarking Value-at-Risk software systems has been presented to the Federal Reserve Bank, academic, and international audiences. Dr. Siegel obtained Engineering Degrees from Trinity College and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Boston University.

Stuart E. Madnick

Technical Advisor

Prof. of Information Technology, Prof. of Engineering Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Professor Stuart Madnick has been a faculty member at M.I.T. since 1972. He has served as the head of MIT's Information Technologies Group for more than twenty years. During that time the group has been consistently rated #1 in the nation among business school information technology programs (U.S. News & World Reports, BusinessWeek, and ComputerWorld). Dr. Madnick is a prolific writer and is the author or co-author of over 250 books, articles, or reports. His current research interests include connectivity among disparate distributed information systems, database technology, software project management, and the strategic use of information technology. He has been the Principal Investigator of a large-scale DARPA-funded research effort on Context Interchange which involves the development of technology that helps organizations to work more cooperatively, coordinated, and collaboratively.

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